Determinant Factor in Stagnant and Stockout of Dry Food Inventory in Nutrition Unit of Bhakti Dharma Husada General Hospital Surabaya

Widodo J. Pudjiraharjo • Siti Nur Jayani
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kesehatan Indonesia • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Supplies material dry food in installation nutrition during periods of 2012 average rate occurrence stagnant to 40 % and eventful stockout of 29 %. Management supplies food dry important to be implemented well so risk stagnant and stockout can be avoided causes damage loss. The purpose of this research is identify management supplies food dry, and analyzing cause stagnant and stockout groceries dry. This research was descriptive with quantitative approach, which uses observational study and indepth interview conducted by cross sectional. The result showed that in logistic unit of nutrition installation. Stagnant very high occurring in march and may of 29,1 % and groceries dry stockout of 33,4 % in april 2013. Cause stagnant procurement is excessive and change diet food from the patients. The cause of stockout is increasing visits his patient and condition that was limited, and lack of human resources. The conclusion of research indicated that the implementation of a management system in unit logistics nutrition installation has not been optimal so that need to be repaired in planning a food in accordance with the needs, the addition of human resources and evaluating the supply of dry food. Keywords: determinant, dry food, stagnant, stockout


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