Determinants Factor of Low Coverage in Health Serctor Minimum Service Standards Achievement of Mojo Primary Health Care Surabaya

Ratna Dwi Wulandari • Irenius Siriyei
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kesehatan Indonesia • 2013 Indonesia

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Achievement of the Minimum Service Standards (MSS) coverage for the Health Sector in Mojo PrimaryHealth Center in 2011€“2012 showed that many indicators did not meet the targets. In 2012, it still could not meet13 MSS national indicators, 12 MSS East Java Province indicators, and 9 MSS Surabaya District indicators. This study aimed to identify the determinant factors of determinants factor of low coverage in health serctor minimum service standards achievement of Mojo Primary Health Care. This was an observational study with by crosssectional approach. Data was obtained from direct interviews with respondents using questionnaires. This study showed that characteristics of human resources (HR) of Training and Teamwork indicated percentage coverage of more than 50%, categorized as good; while that for Workload was less than 50%, categorized as good. The percentage coverage of Availability of funds was 50%, categorized as poor; Planning Management Functions(P1) was less than 50%, categorized as good; Implementation (P2) was 50%, categorized as good; Monitoring, Control, and Assessment (P3) was 75 %, categorized as good. The determining factors of the low achievement of the Minimum Service Standards for Health Sector in the PHC Mojo, Surabaya, were the factors of Training, Workload, and Planning Process (P1). Keywords: determining factors, indicators of minimum service standards, management functions, program management


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