Clinic Management in Term of Preparing Cooperation with Social Health Insurance Provider

Tito Yustiawan
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kesehatan Indonesia • 2013 Indonesia

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Indonesia€™s preparing for social insurance system that govern and operate by €œBPJS€ (Badan Pelaksana Jaminan Sosial). One of the areas that covered by €œBPJS€ is Health Insurance Program, which is call as €œBPJS Kesehatan€. €œBPJS Kesehatan€ will need an aggreement and cooperation with primary healthcare facility such as Doctor€™s Private Practice, Clinic or €œPuskesmas€ (Public Health Centre) in legal contract. In Indonesia, clinic is usually run by the private sectors and it€™s quite different to private practice facility which is run by individual an also €œPuskesmas€ which is run by the disctrict or local government. Clinic must have its own legal status, pay salary from their own revenue, etc. That is why a clinic as an organization must be well-prepare and well-manage before they put their signature on a contract with €œBPJS Kesehatan€. At least, there are 7 main aspects that must be prepare by a clinic which are: (1) Legal Status, (2) Human Resources, (3) Facility, (4) Standardization, (5) Marketing, (6) Price, (7) Information System. A clinic shouldn€™t be worry or feel purturbed to have a deal with €œBPJS Kesehatan€ when these 7 main aspects are well-prepared, and even more are well-managed. Keywords: Insurance System, Healthcare Facility, Clinic


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