Consumer Behavior Analysis in Inpatient Obstetrics Gynecology Surabaya Islamic Hospital

Stefanus Supriyanto • Kartika Nur Fitriyah
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kesehatan Indonesia • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Bed Occupancy Rate in Maternity Ward Surabaya Islamic Hospital during the past three years did not meet the Ministry Of Health standard. This study analyzed consument behavior of Surabaya Islamic Hospital as recomendation in increasing the utilization of its maternity ward. This was an observational research with case control design. The sample was consisted of cases and controls in 1:1 ratio (36 cases and 36 controls). Sample of cases was the patients of Arofah Room Surabaya Islamic Hospital. Control samples was the mother who resides in the same area of cases residence and did not bear in Surabaya Islamic Hospital. The results showed there are different types of work (p = 0,004), family income (p = 0,046), perception of pregnancy and childbirth (p = 0,004), perception of the facility (p = 0,022), perception about normal delivery rates (p = 0,048) and caesarean delivery rates (p = 0,032), work activities (p = 0,030), and satisfaction between cases and controls. Management of Surabaya Islamic Hospital need to create doctors and midwives€™ service differentiation, labor rates rationalization, midwives and health centers partnership, ambulance shuttle services, and also public promotion about operating hours, birth rates, and package delivery.Key words: consumer behavior, perception, utilization of inpatient obstetrics gynecology


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