Drugs Stockout And Stagnant Determinants And Loss In Logistic Unit Of Haji General Hospital Surabaya

Widodo J. Pudjiraharjo • Renie Cuyno Mellen
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kesehatan Indonesia • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Expenditure to the drug spent almost 40% of the total budget operational hospital.Therefore drug must be managed effectively and efficiently. The objective of this research is to analyze determinant factors of drug stagnant and stockout and formulate recommendation in anticipating the occurrence of drug stagnant and stockout.This was descriptive research using obsevasional method with cross sectional design. Datas were collected during April 2012. By those datas, loss of that caused by drug stagnant and stockout could be calculated. This research showed that there was 54% drug item that stouckout and 39% was stagnant. The stockout in Haji General Hospital were caused by inaccurate planning of floor stock in service unit and lack of human resources. The drug stagnant was happened because there was an excessive requirenment planning by user in using medicine. Total loss that caused by stagnant and stockout was about IDR 255.933.139. This research showed that implementation of management system in logistic unit of Pharmacy Installation of Haji General Hospital Surabaya need repairement.Key words: drug supply management, drug stockout and stagnant, material losses, stockout and stagnant determinants


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