Health Service Quality Based On Dabholkar Dimension At Ward Room Of Internal Disease

Stefanus Supriyanto • Alfi Febriana Rahmawati
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kesehatan Indonesia • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


The NDR average at ward room of internal disease of Bojonegoro General Hospital during 2009-2011 was 58,6 ‰ (more than standard < 25 ‰). This research was aimed to analyze the importance and satisfaction rating of health service quality based on Dabholkar dimension. It used observational approach with cross sectional design. Interview was conducted to 37 patients in internal disease ward room of Bojonegoro General Hospital which selected by simple random sampling. This study found some issues in physical dimension (medical device completness, inpatient room design attractiveness, room cleanliness, room name avaibility), reliability dimension (medical services responsiveness, medical records accuracy), personal interaction dimension (friendliness, politeness, and attention of the doctor to patient, easiness to see the doctor, information clarity given by the doctor), problem solving dimension (doctor willingness solve patient's problem, doctor patience handling patient's complain, doctor responsiveness solve patient's problem), and policy dimension (parking area convenience, patient's family waiting room avaibility, administrative procedures clarity, visiting time accuracy).Improving service quality in internal disease ward room, hospital manager should communicate with local government of Bojonegoro as stakeholder while expose the doctor with service excellence training and guarantee the hospital facilities comfortness by establish hospital policy.Key words: Dabholkar, inpatient room, NDR, service quality


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