Customer Value Analysis Based on Customer Characteristic in Teeth Clinic of Puskesmas Jemursari Surabaya

Widodo J. Pudjiraharjo • Putri Ayuni Alayyannur
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kesehatan Indonesia • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Healthcare service industry has become a competitive industry. Consumers will choose the service which will give them highest benefits with the lowest costs. The study was conducted to analyze customer value in balai pengobatan gigi (dental clinic) Puskesmas Jemursari based on income, visits status, pay status, and type of services. This is a descriptive study which aims to represent a specific situation with no generalization by observe the population with cross sectional design research. Questionnaires were distributed to 75 patients of teeth clinic in Puskesmas Jemursari. The results showed that the lowest benefit perceived by the respondents was the benefit of intangible product. The highest one are benefit of tangible product and benefit of quality. The respondents spent the highest cost for psychological cost include worries and fears while the lowest was time cost. The were 13 respondents had a customer value less than 1.00 that means burdened by disadvantaged of the services, they recieved more costs than the benefits obtained. Most of them were new patient with high income and must pay for the tooth extraction. Therefore, Puskesmas Jemursari needs to increase the perceived of customer benefits.Keywords: benefit, customer value, cost


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