Securing the Pace and the Direction of Indonesian Democratization

Purwo Santoso • Hasrul Hanif • Ae Priyono
Book Universitas Gadjah Mada • Juli 2010 Indonesia


This concise book lays down a framework to seek alternative models of democracy, which seemingly satisfies two contradicting requirements. They are internationally justifiable but can easily be implemented in particular context, that is Indonesia. Ensuring ease in implementing the model is important for Indonesia, given the difficulty of the country to sustain in the country's democratization. This book has no intention to obstruct the possibility to adopt a particular idea of democracy, but it believes that more proper consideration on the contextual aspect is just as crucial as the values of democracy themselves, no matter how we define them. We believe that democratization is basically a cultural transformation process from a less democratic culture, towards a more democratic one as the public defines it.


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