"Desa Siaga": Community Empowerment in Health Sector Through Midwives Participation

Rahmat Hargono • M. Bagus Qomarrudin • Hoirun Nawalah
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Public Health • 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


“Desa Siaga” is the one of government's program for empowering community in health sector, especially to decrease maternal and infantmortality in village areas. This program actually plays as the implementation of empowerment concept. In this paper we elaborate the stephow to implementing the concepts of empowerment, and also make an explanation of the empowerment theory as a program and process whichis infl uence by the role of the midwives at village level. Some research revealed that factors infl uencing the performance of midwives are age,marital status, education level, knowledge, attitude, duration of job, motivation and also their activities in community organization.Key words: Desa Siaga, community empowerment, midwives


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