Pengendalian Rodent, suatu Tindakan Karantina

Hanang Soejoedi
Journal article Jurnal Kesehatan Lingkungan Unair • 2005 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


Rats is included Rodent a mamalian than can act as vector of plaque which is a quarantine diseases. International Health Regulation 1969 was adopted by Indonesian Government became UU No.1/1962 on port quarantine and UU No.2/1962 on Airport quarantine regulation that use International of Surveillance disease approach. Effort that have been done by Port Health Services in Rodent control in port and airport area are trapping, rodenticide, fumigant methods and improving environmental sanitation conditions. Deratting Certificate and Deratting Exemption Certificate are ship health document indicate free or no rat infestation in the ship, valid for 6 months and must be had by every ship. These certificate are kind of health surveillance murder to prevent plaque happen in ship and port area. Deratization in Indonesia is just fumigation. Fumigants recommended are HCN, CH3Br and SO2. Keywords: Rat, Deratting Certificate, Deratting Exemption Certificate


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