From Elitist to Popular Representation

Antonio Pradjasto • Ae Priyono • Willy Purna Samadhi • Olle Törnquist
Report Lembaga Kajian Demokrasi dan Hak Asasi • April 2007 Indonesia


Drawing conclusions from the research project about “Problems and Options of Democratisation in Post-New Order Indonesia” (2003-2005), the conference on democratisation held in Jakarta on 24-26 November 2005 confirmed the emergence of four signs of the state of democratisation in Indonesia: (1) Democracy deficit, (2) Oligarchic democracy; (3) Pseudo-representation; (4) Marginalisation of pro-democracy groups. Yet, it also recognised some progress, such as the establishment of new space for civil and political freedom. Based on those findings, the conference's participants identified some formulations to breakthrough the stagnant democratic process and formulated some urgent agendas to be conducted.


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Lembaga Kajian Demokrasi dan Hak Asasi

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