Refleksi Kapital Intelektual dan Pengaruhnya terhadap Kinerja Perusahaan pada Kelompok Industri Manufaktur yang (Go Public) di Indonesia

Muslich Anshori
Journal article Majalah Ekonomi Universitas Airlangga • 2009 Indonesia

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In traditional view, the business activities more emphasis the physical capital thanthe intellectual capital. Economic liberalism pushes free trading and drives newphenomena in global structure economy. The new paradigm in business activitiesmore focus in intellectual capital than physical capital. Orientation andimplementation on intellectual capital must be prime priority to power global market.This research try to answer the treat in business with evaluation aboutimplementation intellectual capital in go public companies in Indonesian.The research design is quantitative research. There are two variables, the companyperformance as dependent variable and the intellectual capital as independentvariable. All population will be examining in this research. The financial datawhich used start from 2003 until 2006. The number of sub group ere 20 and thetotal number of companies are 150 units.The research result are in manufacture groups, which consist of 20 sub groups ofcompanies, 3 subgroups supported hypothesis, there are cement, cable, automotiveand allied products. In 17 another subgroups, that are food and beverage; tobaccomanufacturing; textile mill products; apparel and other textile product; lumberand wood product; paper and allied product; chemical and allied product; adhesive,plastics and glass product; metal and allied product; fabricated metal product;stone, clay, glass and concentrate product; machinery; electronic and officeequipment; photographic equipment; pharmaceuticals; and consumer goods, unproved hypothesis. Its mean no influence of intellectual capital to companiesperformance.Keywords: intellectual capital, company's performance, manufacture subgroup,business activities.


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