Gender Equality and Equity Law: New Hope for Gender Responsive Policy in Indonesia

Edriana Noerdin • Sita Aripurnama • Ayu Anastasia • Frisca Anindhita • Rahayuningtyas
Policy brief Women Research Institute • Januari 2014 Indonesia


As the end of WRI research process on Women Political Representation related to the Gender Equality and Equity Bill, WRI published a Policy Brief in this early 2014. This is a part of Women Political Representation publication series. This policy brief provides WRI's research result which can be used to encourage the ratification of Gender Equality and Equity Bill. In order to improve the achievement of gender equality and equity, it needs an umbrella policy, one of which is the Gender Equality and Equity Bill. This becomes an important matter as there are many issues of welfare faced by women, ranging from maternal and child health issues, sexual harassment, violence against women's workers. Therefore, through this policy brief WRI also provide recommendations to the members of the House of Representatives related to the process of drafting the bill.


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