Indonesia Governance Index 2012: Towards a Well-informed Society and Responsive Government

Abdul Malik Gismar • Inda Loekman • Lenny Hidayat • Nicolaus Harjanto • Dadan S. Suharmawijaya 2 more
Report The Partnership for Governance Reform • Agustus 2013 Indonesia


Regional autonomy aims not only to increase welfare through provision of quality public services, but also to allow regions to determine their own development priorities. As a result, there is a range of different capacities and standards between local administrations and other stakeholders, leading to widening gaps in development between regions. Efforts to improve are limited by the analytical capacity and the quality of governance in each location. Because of this we need an objective assessment of governance and Kemitraan has adressed this need with the Indonesia Governance Index (IGI). This book examines the national findings of the 2012 IGI research, and offers concrete suggestions to solve current problems. It also elaborates on the results in key areas like gender, investment friendliness, and environmental management.


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The Partnership for Governance Reform

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