Survei Perilaku Antikorupsi 2012: Indeks Perilaku Anti Korupsi Dan Indikator Tunggal

Report Badan Pusat Statistik • 2012


The corruption eradication efforts of the government have become more and more systematic and strategic, as seen in the National Strategy on Corruption Prevention and Eradication for Long Term 2012-2025 and Medium Term 2012-2014. To follow up, the National Planning and Development Agency (Bappenas) together with the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) conducted an Anti Corruption Behavior Survey (SPAK) by assessing the fifth National Strategy for PPK according to education and the culture of integrity. This book analysess the situation using the Anti Corruption Behavior Index for 2012 and Single Index of SPAK, which includes anti-corruption feelings at the level of family and community, experience of public services, as well as public opinion against anti-corruption media socialization. Although fewer people support bribery, extortion, and nepotism, there are still people who perceive those actions as reasonable/normal. More than two-thirds of respondents considered television the most effective channel to deliver information about corruption. This survey will be used as a baseline for the government to increase awareness and encourage communities to become actively engaged in preventing and combating corruption.


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