Census of Agriculture 2013, National Figures of Secondary Food Crops Cultivation Household 2014, Results of ST2013-Subsector Survey (Indonesia)

Report Badan Pusat Statistik • Februari 2016 Indonesia


Publication of Secondary Food Crops Cultivation Household of ST2013-Subsector Survey (ST2013 SPW) is the result of the processing of ST2013-SPW.S Form. ST2013 SPW is one of agricultural household of ST2013 subsector surveys as parts of a series of the Census of Agriculture 2013 (ST2013) activities held in May-July 2014 in all provinces except DKI Jakarta. Data presented in this publication is limited to six secondary food crops commodities (maize, soybean, peanut, mungbean, cassava and sweet potato) as well as covers general information, profiles, cost structure and socio-economic conditions of household of each commodity.


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