Pendapatan Nasional Indonesia 2004-2007

Report Badan Pusat Statistik • Juli 2008 Indonesia


This publication covers the new series of national income (base year 2000) with improvement on coverage and method. This related to accommodating the result of 2000 Indonesian Input-Output Table as a benchmark in GDP compilation which cause the structure of some economic sectors had shifted compared to previous series (base year 1993). This publication covers an overview of the economy of Indonesia, described in descriptive type with visualization in figure. It also presents data of national income for 2003-2006, at current and 2000 constant market prices both in form of nominal and percentage figures. Beside that, it provides concepts, definitions and descriptions of GDP by industrial origin and by expenditure categories. This publication was published with BPS Catalog: 9201.


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Badan Pusat Statistik

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