Usaha Kecil Sebagai Basis Strategi Pembangunan Ekonomi: Berkaca Dari Pengalaman Taiwan

Edy Priyono
Journal article Jurnal Analisis Sosial • 2004 Indonesia • Taiwan

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(Bahasa Indonesia)


This brief paper attempted to provide critical analysis on focusing small enterprise development as a primary strategy in economic development. Research in Taiwan, which employed survival technique method, proved that small and medium enterprises (with the number of workers ranged from 20 to 99) were indeed the most efficient business. However, it does not necessarily mean that Taiwan's strategy could be adopted in Indonesia. The main problem in Indonesia's context was the unfair business environment, which made most of the small and medium enterprises in Indonesia could not develop naturally. Moreover, research in determining small and medium enterprises efficiency level must be conducted longitudinal and covered different time frame.


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