The Implementation of the Community-based Monitoring System in Kota Pekalongan, Indonesia

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Report SMERU Research Institute • Juni 2016 Indonesia


Research team research coordinator: akhmadi researchers: asri yusrina, athia yumna data collection coaches and supervisors:smeru: athia yumna, asri yusrina, sulton mawardi, hastuti, eduwin pakpahan, palmira p. bachtiar, akhmadi pattiro: aminudin azis, sugiyarto, setyawan dwi h. university of pekalongan: siti nurhayati, choliq sabana, mahirun, andi suhermanto, yarianto editor: mukti mulyana abstract in formulating policies and development plans, the government needs accurate and updated data. the regional governments, especially at the district level, have started to play a very strategic role in the implementation of development plans in their territory since the central government enacted the law on regional autonomy. the results of the community-based monitoring system (cbms) pilot project in Indonesia show that the system can accurately enumerate regions based on the family welfare category. moreover, it can predict the family welfare enumeration which is highly accurate and completely consistent with what the local people say about the family welfare status, especially the poor's. the results were presented to the kota pekalongan stakeholders, and the local government was interested in implementing the data collection system in their city; it became the first district in Indonesia to officially implement the cbms. given Indonesia's geographical size and the decentralization that puts more power at the hands of the district governments in determining poverty alleviation programs, we believe that this monitoring system is the most suitable for Indonesia. the objective of the cbms data collection in kota pekalongan was to get comprehensive data, that can be accessed, used, and analyzed by the local government agencies and other institutions under the administration of the kota pekalongan government. moreover, the results of this data collection could be used as recommendations to the kota pekalongan government, especially when they were making development plans and budget. keywords: household, welfare, pekalongan, rank, cbms


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