The Return Migration and Various Reintegration Programs for Low Skilled Migrant Workers in Indonesia

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Report SMERU Research Institute • Desember 2014 Indonesia

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The link between migration and development has been heavily placed on remittances. this is truly reflected in the Indonesian analogy of migrant workers as “remittances heroes” emphasizing the financial capital sent by the workers back home. this paper tries to enlarge the view of migrant workers to include all together: human, financial and social capitals. it starts with a discussion on return migration theories and put them in the context of Indonesia. circular migration poses challenges as they do not guarantee sustainability of reintegration. at the same time but it raises the importance of having reintegration strategies in which safe migration measures could be intensively disseminated. we constructed a conceptual framework within which the return migration is viewed more comprehensively to address various social, economical and cultural impacts of migration. based on a series of in depth interview and stakeholder consultation, we documented a range of reintegration programs. we found that regardless of its absence in policy framework, reintegration activities have been initiated at the field level by various stakeholders. these activities have so far been demand based, sporadic and not sufficient. we wrapped up the paper by underlining importance of inserting reintegration in the forthcoming law on protection of Indonesian migration workers. keywords: return migration, reintegration, circular migration, low skilled migrant workers.


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