Number of Victims Due to Natural Disaster by Province, 2013-2015 (Indonesia)

Dataset Badan Pusat Statistik • Maret 2017 Indonesia

Dataset ini merupakan bagian dari Koleksi Sosial Budaya BPS.


Listening to the radio is the activity of taking the time and attention to listen to or follow a radio broadcast from one or several events are presented.

Read a newspaper/magazine is read at least one article in a newspaper or magazine and usually know/understand the content of the article.

Watching TV is an activity to take the time and attention to watch one or more of the events presented in the television so understand and enjoyed.

Sport, is activity a person deliberately taking the time to do one or more of regular physical activity (exercise to specific movements or with a variety of games such as gymnastics, athletics, table tennis, volley, soccer, etc.).


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