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description Dataset public Badan Pusat Statistik

Worker Productivity, 2001-2013 (Indonesia)

Diterbitkan 28 Mei 2014

Dataset ini merupakan bagian dari Koleksi Industri Besar dan Sedang BPS.


An economic activity involving processing materials and transforming them mechanically, chemically, or manually into finished or semi finished products and/or converting them into other goods having higher value and closer to the final user.

Manufacturing Services
Manufacturing activities that serve others. In conducting such activities, materials are supplied by others, while establishments engaged in the service activity only process and obtain payments for those activites as compensation.

Manufacturing Establishment
A production unit engaging in an economic activity, producing a good or a service in one location, which maintain business records covering production and cost, and has at least one person that bears responsibility for such activity.

The manufacturing sector is divided into four categories of establishments:

  1. Large Industry (number of persons engaged is 100 or more)
  2. Medium Industry (number of persons engaged is 20-99)
  3. Small Industry (number of persons engaged is 5-19)
  4. Cottage Industry (number of persons engaged is 1-4)


Method of Data Collection

This survey was conducted by delivering questionnaires to all large and medium manifacturing establishments recorded in the directory compiled by the CBS.


Establishments covered in this survey are large and medium manufacturing establishments, i.e. all establishments employing 20 workers or more, including establishments which started commercial production.


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