Number and Percentage of Households in the Surrounding Forest Areas Who Practice Shifting Cultivation, 2004 and 2014 (Indonesia)

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  1. Forest Concession Estate

    is a company having legal status and engaged in forest product collection.

  2. Forest Concession

    Forest Concession is a limited right of forestry undertaking in forest area, covering activities of cutting trees, reforestation, processing and marketing of forest products, based on the Forestry Ministers decree given to government company or private company having specific condition. The right covers forestry activities such as cutting down trees as a raw material for local industry and for export. The maximum time period of the right is 20 years and may be extended.


The method employed in collecting statistical data on forest concession estate is complete enumeration method. All forest concession estates in Indonesia are requested to fill in questionnaires namely VT-HPH1 and VT-HPH2. VT-HPH1 questionnaire is used to get detailed information in base camp location, while HPH2 is used to get detailed information in their central offices. The collection of questionnaires is conducted by Sub-district Statistical Coordinator called "Mantri Statistik" or staff members of Regional Statistics Offices during January-June.


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