Volume of Quarriying Production by Kind of Materials (m3), 2011–2015 (Indonesia)

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  1. Mining

    Mining is an economic activity to extract and prepare for further processing of mineral in solid, liquid and gas form. Mining activities are done either above (open mining)or under the ground (closed mining) including quarrying, scratching and mining of minerals solid, liquid or gas form. Products of those are such as crude oil and natural gas, coal, iron sand, tin concentrate, nickel ore, bauxite, copper concentrate, gold, silver, and manganese.

  2. Quarrying

    Quarrying is an ecconomic activity that covers extraction of all quarried commodities. Quarried commodities are chemical elements, mineral and rock sediment below the ground (excluding metal, coal, petroleum, natural gas and radioactive elements). They are usually used as a standard or intermediate element in manufacturing or construction sectors. Quarrying yields such as stone, limestone, marble, sand, quartz sand, kaolin, clay.

    Some activities such as splitting, melting, clearing and all processes of mining and quarrying activities are classified as manufacturing.

    The preparation and expansions of a mining area such as road construction, bridge, gimlet, pipeline installation etc. are classified in the construction sector. Exploration and research on the prospect of mining commodities and minerals are included in the mining service sector.

    Collection, clearing, and purification of water are included in water supply sector.

  3. The Steps of Mining Activities

    The Steps of Mining Activities consist of prospecting and general research, exploration, development and construction, exploitation and processing/refinering/purification.

    1. Prospecting

      Prospecting is a research activity to find the economic minerals.

    2. Exploration

      Exploration is defined as further activities from prospecting to determine size, shape, position, content and potential amount of mines, ang to study thr feasibility of the finding economic minerals.

    3. Exploitation

      Exploitation is defined as mining activities to exploit and to deliver the economic minerals to heaving place and processing/refinering unit even to marketting place.

    4. Processing/Purification/Refinering

      Processing/Purification is aprocess of purifying the minerals to get more valuable minerals by separating them (chemically) from noneconomic minerals.


Item Oil and Gas Non Oil and Gas
Source Of Data 1. Yearly Survey 1. Yearly Survey
2. Department Of Mining and Energy 2. Department Of Mining and Energy
Sampling Method 1. Complete Enumiration 1. Complete Enumiration
2. Administration Record 2. Administration Record
Coverage All Exploration / Exploitation, Refinery and Distribution Unit All Exploration / Exploitation, Refinery and Distribution Unit


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