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Productivity of Cassavas by Province (quintal/ha), 1993-2015 (Indonesia)

Diterbitkan 1 Juli 2016

Dataset ini merupakan bagian dari Koleksi Tanaman Pangan BPS.



Consists of wet land paddy and dry land paddy.

Wet land paddy

Is paddy which is planted on wet rice field.

Wet rice field is agricultural land that separated by small dykes to resist water, where the main crop is usually wet land paddy without considering the status of the land. It includes the land that is registered at land income tax office, regional development contribution, 'bengkok' land, illegal ownership, swamps for rice cultivation, and newly opened lands. Wet rice field covers irrigated rice fields, rain fed, valley etc.

Dry land paddy

Is paddy which is planted on garden, dry field or shifting cultivation.

Secondary food crops

Consists of maize, soybean, peanut, mungbean, cassava, and sweet potato.
Net area is the whole rice field area (gross area) minus dykes and waterworks.

Area harvested

Is an area of a crop which is harvested after the crop comes of age.

Form of production

Type of plants are reported together with the form of the products are :

(Type of plants--Form of products)

1. Paddy--Dry unhusked paddy

2. Maize--Dry shelled

3. Soybean--Dry shelled

4. Peanut--Dry shelled

5. Mungbean--Dry shelled

6. Cassava--Fresh roots

7. Sweet Potato--Fresh roots


Source of Data

Agricultural Surveys and Crop Cutting Survey are the main sources of food crops data in Indonesia.

Coverage and Data Collection Method

Information on planted, damaged and harvested area is collecting from Agricultural Surveys conducted by Agricultural Extension Service. Two different questionnaires are used: SP-PADI for collecting paddy area information, and SP-PALAWIJA for collecting secondary food crops (maize, soybean, peanut, mungbean, cassava and sweet potatoes) area information. The information is collected monthly from all sub districts in Indonesia.

Productivity (yield rate) data is collecting from Crop Cutting Survey conducted by the Agricultural Extension Service and Subdistrict Statistic Coordinator. The Survey time is arranged so that coincides with the harvest time. The questionnaire used for Crop Cutting Survey is named SUB-S.

Production of paddy and secondary food crops are obtained by multiplying harvested area and yield rate.


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