Evaluasi Kebijakan Pencalonan Anggota DPRD dalam Penyelengaraan Pemilu Tahun 2014

Tatang Sudrajat
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • Desember 2016


The nomination policy of local parliament members in general election is regulated in various policies by the Central Parliament, the President and the Election Commission. In order to improve the election quality, policy evaluation is required. This study uses legal research/normative methods and library/documentary study of the policies content. It is found out that there are some different aspects in managing the nomination of local parliament members in Law No. 8 of 2012 and some Election Commission/KPU's regulations. Substantively, there are several provisions that are ambiguous, multi-interpretative, contradictious, and are not implementable. This problem causes local election commissions cannot optimally perform theirs tasks. Therefore, it is recommended to have policy revision in several aspects, such as education qualification, physical and spiritual health, authorized health agency, political liaison officers, resignation certificate or decree from certain positions at public agencies (such as civil servant, military, police, etc.) and other institutions to avoid conflict of interest, nomination forms, and several errors/ inconsistencies terms.Keywords: policy evaluation, local parliament nomination, general election.


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