Analisis Penentuan Suku Bunga Kredit Program Sektor Pertanian dan Potensi Pengaruhnya terhadap APBN

Abdul Aziz, Sidiq Suryo Nugroho, Eko Wicaksono, Dan
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • Agustus 2016


This study is aimed to investigate the determination of interest rate subsidy provided by the government to help farmers and improve agricultural productivity. One parameter used to determine the interest rate of credit program is the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS) interest rate. The basis for determining the interest rate credit program is one of the main issues discussed in this study. In addition, other matter discussed in this study is the proportion of interest expense borne each by the debtor and the government. The study is conducted by using mix methods analysis using primary data derived from the survey and secondary data related lending rates. Based on the analysis conducted, there are several conclusions that can be drawn. First, interest rates LPS is appropriate as the basis for determining the interest rate of credit interest rate guarantee program since LPS rate constitutes the largest portion of cost of fund. Second, in the long term the government needs to evaluate patterns of current credit program so that it can both increase the selfreliance of farmers and improve the efficiency and effectivity of government subsidy. Third, for the time being the government can implement a fixed interest rate subsidy to credit the program with regard to the ability of farmers to minimize the fiscal risks exposure in the government budget.Keywords: Agriculture, credit program, subsidy, fiscal risk, fixed interest rate.


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