Analisis Kebijakan Pengelolaan Sampah di Kota Samarinda : Problematisasi Kebijakan dengan Pendekatan WPR

Andi Wahyudi
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • April 2016


This study emphasizes on document critical analysis on waste management policy in Samarinda Municipality, namely Municipality Regulation # 2 / 2011. Drawing on Bacchi's WPR (What is the problem represented to be?) approach to policy analysis, this study reveals that management and citizen obedience are presented as two main issues in the policy to improve the quality of public and environmental health. On the management issue, the waste management policy is not effective to tackle the problem. It is because of poor capacity in transporting the waste, while the volume of waste production is higher than the transported one. Consequently, the uncollected waste in the city prevents the local government's effort to create a clean and healthy environment. Then on the obedience issue, this policy sets sanctions for anyone who breaks the regulation. Unfortunately, this policy does not set public education as an important issue to improve citizens' behaviour. Public education should be a bottom-up approach to support the effort to create a clean and healthy city.Keywords: policy analysis, waste management, problematizations, WPR approach.


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