Perumusan Kebijakan Pendidikan yang Berperspektif Gender di Provinsi Lampung (Education Policy Formulation Of Gender Perspective In Lampung Province)

Novita Tresiana
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • Agustus 2015 Indonesia


It talks about the urgency of a gender perspective ineducation policies by integrating a gender perspective into all policies or programs designed Lampung Provincial Education Office. The method used is the evaluation (qualitative). Focus studied is the policy formulation process, understanding,actors, gender management authority lies in the education department, while using descriptive qualitative analysis techniques with interactive analysis. This paper reveals that in the process of formulating education department shows failed to integrate a gender perspective in policy formulation or educational programs. Model formulation dominated incremental models, promoting the consideration of administrative/political. A contributing factor, the lack of understanding of actors, where the authorities are not in a functional structure, so that gender is an exclusive program, not integrated in all programs.Keywords: Gender Perspectives; Policy Formulation


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