Sistem Informasi Organisasi Berbasis Jaringan dalam Penentuan Strategi (Network-based Information Systems Organizations In Defining A Strategy)

Rulinawaty Kasmad, Lukman Samboteng &
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • Agustus 2014


In determining the strategy, accurate information is a necessity.Accurate information must be supported by the reliable information system. Inter-organizational networklately is a concept developed in the study of organization and management. This organizations are used to acquire critical resources needed by the organization, because these resources are controlled by other organizations. The purpose of the study is to explain the ability of information systems in the determination of local economic growth strategy in the region of BP-KAPET Pare-Pare. This research is qualitative research and the strategy used is case study as well as the type is explanative.Research results showed that the systems have not been able to provide complete and accurate information oflocal resources in its territory, so it cannot determine the dominant strategy to outperform other player's strategy. The implication is BPKAPET Pareparewhich is intended as a major driver of economic growth accelerated in the region, but until now local governments have not been able to invite investors to invest in this region. The inability to provide such information due to the BP-KAPET Parepare system is still dominated by a government bureaucracy that is focused on rules and leaders' instructions.


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