Mengidentifikasi Nilai Kemanfaatan Produk Litbang pada Instansi Pemerintah (Identify Benefit Value Of Research Product In Public Sector)

& Shafiera Amalia, Agus Wahyuadianto
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • 2013


Outcome-based performance management in public sector is being popularized today by SBY cabinet. This was caused by the failure of the process and input based management approach, which could not guarantee high quality service. This study was conducted to measure the output of the two research and development units in PKP2A I LAN (hereinafter referred to as PKP2A I LAN Research Unit) in the form of research reports, local-government advocacy, scientific journals, and seminars. This study is focused on the research products between 2006 and 2010, whereas population for this research was local government apparatus. A set of questionnaires and key informants interview were used to collect data. The data was analyzed by quantitative approach with descriptive statistical techniques and qualitative approach with interactive data analysis models. Result of the research indicated that respondents were aware of PKP2A I LAN Research Unit existence. However, they did not understand its roles and services. They merely utilized research reports and advocacy output to support their main duty and function, such as design and formulation of policy studies, whilst output from seminars are utilized to enhance individual capacity, not organization. Consequently, PKP2A I LAN Reseach Unit ought to improve their publication and streghten their networking that quality of their products is acknowledged and trusted.


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