Kepentingan Politik dan Ekonomi Kepala Daerah dalam Reformasi Birokrasi : Kasus Reformasi Pelayanan Perizinan Di1kabupaten Gowa dan Kabupaten Takalar

Andi Luhur Prianto
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • 2012


The design of decentralization has given specific space for government bureaucracy to create and innovation the acceleration of development territory. At this point in the required skills apparatuses with forward thinking to achieve a professional bureaucracyin an institutional mechanism that is efficient, effective and equity. Institutional arrangement bureaucracyis not geared to improve the quality of public services, but in order to accommodate the practice of politicization of bureaucracy in perpetuating oligarchy of power head area. The purpose of this study to answer the questions: (1.) How is the actual picture of the practice of bureaucratic reform licensing services in Gowa and Takalar regency, (2.) What is the connection the interests of regional heads in bureaucratic reform licensing services in Gowa and Takalar regency. The reserach aimed that the licensing service reforms under taken by the local government, Gowa and Takalar Regency likely still partial, in which the reform is based on the basic needs and regulatory pressure center. Orientation of the provision of services also permit limited to the normative aspect alone. In both regions, the character possessed strong leadership allows the behavior of the regional head office personnel licensing services oriented to meet the political and economic objectives of the head region. Keywords : bureaucratic reform, local, services, licensing


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