Korupsi di Daerah : Salah Jalan Penyelenggaraan Administrasi Daerah

Prakoso Bhairawa Putera
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • 2012 Indonesia


Implementation of regional autonomy in Indonesia provides an important record, which the granting authority to local governments to develop policies and manage budgets, creates the domination of power by local elites. It brings the local elites close to and have access to the sources of corruption-prone areas or abuse of authority. This is what gave rise to the new form of decentralized corruption (corruption in regional administration). According on the KPK during 2004 - 2011 there were 42.06% of the total number of cases of corruption made in the level or by local officials. Primary and recurrent mode of corruption in the region is the markup of the procurement of goods and services, fictitious expenses and projects for their own advantage. Misguided practice of the administration area (corruption in the region) could be reduced by involving as broad as possible the public participation in the presence of anti-corruption movement which next would transformed into a social movement and simultaneous in all regions of Indonesia. Keywords : Corruption, regional administration, civil society, anti- corruption movement.


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