Kerjasama Antarprovinsi untuk Pembangunan Regional Kalimantan yang Terintegrasi

Tim Kajian Pkp2a Iii Lan Samarinda
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • 2012


This research is aimed to find out of what and how the regional cooperation in Kalimantan applied, asa well as to know it's effectiveness and problem. Then, this research is also aimed to search the prospect of Kalimantan Incorporated which is expected to accelerate regional development in Kalimantan. The method used in this research is combination of descriptive method with qualitative approach and evaluation method with formal evaluation approach. Data are collected by focus group disscussion (FGD), interview, and secondary data. Results of this research are: (1) Regional cooperation in Kalimantan is applied in joint formed authorities namely coordination and consultation forum of FRKP2RK and a board of KTB; (2) The effectiveness of the cooperation is in low performance, because the cooperation forum works as pra-musrenbang meeting only to invent problems and proposals which will be disscussed in the regional musrenbang and porposed to relevant ministry. This cooperation has no action plan in concrete program and activity forms; (3) The opportunity to realise integrated development of Kalimantan Incorporated is quite prospective, by optimizing the forum into more concrete programs and activities. It needs commitment from all provinces and supported by business actors (private or BUMN/BUMD) and people as three pillars of development. Keywords : province cooperation, regional development, Kalimantan incorporated.


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