Kerjasama Antardaerah untuk Meningkatkan Pembangunan Daerah dan Pelayanan Publik di Kawasan Perbatasan

Maria Ap. Sari, Andi Wahyudi &
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • 2011 Indonesia


This study is aimed to identify regional cooperation models which are implemented by district governments within the framework of regional development, to conduct public service in the border zone, and to evaluate the effectivity of regional cooperation in achieving its goals. This study combines two research methods, i.e. descriptive analysis method with qualitative approach, and evaluation method with formal evaluation approach. Data are collected by conducting Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and supported by secondary data. Results of this study are: (1) implementation of regional cooperation among district governments in East Java and Central Java border zone is applied into regional cooperation boards (BKAD); (2) mutual interest to develop and togetherness in solving problems are basic reasons to make a regional cooperation agreement; (3) regional cooperation effectivity of the border zone is still low, due to sinergity and sincronising problems in development planning among district governments, so they affect cooperation implementation when it comes to technical operational aspects in the sectoral level.


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