Dampak Penjatuhan Pidana Korupsi Bagi Pegawai Negeri yang Sedang Menjalankan Tugas Administrasi Negara

M. Agus Santoso
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • 2011 Indonesia


Corruption in Indonesia has leaded big impact and be a fundamental problem. It even has been setted in mind, that's why it needs serious preventing action from all sides. In general corruption is done by goverment officers who are doing administration duty of goverment, because of intentional factor to misuse the anthonty caretessness and even lack of accuration can be decived by law of criminal of corruption. Corruption case that has been happened was the case of area liberation for the guard-house of PLN in Samarinda that caused several public administration officers or civil servants are affected by criminal corruption punishment so that civil servants should be careful in performing their duty and not violate the laws, the effect for another government officers are afraid in doing their duty/task.Keywords : Corruption, civil servant, public administration task.


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