Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran Apresiasi Sastra Kelas VII SMP Akselerasi

Nita Wahyu Tyastiti


: The purposes of this research are: (1) the perception of teachers and students towards learning literature appreciation; (2) the implementation of learning literature appreciation; and (3) the constraints and efforts made to overcome the obstacles in learning literature appreciation. The research is a qualitative descriptive. The conclusions of this study are as follows. Firstly, the learning literature appreciation in class VII acceleration SMP Negeri 2 Surakarta has been progressing well in terms of the perceptions of teachers and students. Secondly, the learning plan includes the preparation of prota, promes, syllabi and lesson plans by teachers to acceleration class. Thirdly, problems encountered and the efforts of teachers: (1) the limited time;(2) understanding of student items different,(3) inadequate literature book, and (4) difficulty student get idea. Fourthly, efforts of teachers are: (1) provides the motivation and doing approach; (2) selfconfidence of students and give grace period; and (3) teachers and students looking for material addition of another book/ internet which truth could be accounted.


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