Pemodelan Pola Hubungan Kemampuan Lulusan Universitas Lancang Kuning Dengan Kebutuhan Dunia USAha Dan Industri

Fana Wiza
Journal article Digital Zone • 2016


The rapid growth of the data warehouse has created conditions for rich data but poor information. Data mining is the mining or the discovery of new information by looking for certain patterns or rules of a number of large amounts of data that is expected to produce an interesting pattern or important information from the condition. By utilizing the the graduate tracer data that is associated with users of graduates, they are business and industry, are expected to produce information about the pattern of their relationship through data mining techniques, association rule. Category ability of graduates in measuring the level parameter is less necessary, reasonably necessary, needed, and is needed in the world of business and industry. The algorithm used is a priori algorithm, the information displayed in the form of support and confidence values of each category type abilities of graduates.


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