Survei Entomologi Aedes Spppra Dewasa Di Dusun Satu Kelurahan Minomartani Kecamatan Depok Kabupaten Sleman Provinsi YOGYAKARTA

Junus Widjaja
Journal article Aspirator: Jurnal Penelitian Penyakit Tular Vektor • Desember 2012 Indonesia


. Dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF) is still a public health problem in Indonesia. DHF cases has been increased an caused outbreak since reported for the jirst in 1968. Minomartani village in Depok sub districh is one of the DHF endemic area in Sleman District. The aim of the survey was to measure House Index (HJ), Container Index (CJ), Pupae Index (PJ), Breteau Index (BJ), Larvae Free Index (LFJ) and also type, position, and condition of Aedes spp breeding places. A descriptive research method was conducted and single larval method used on data collection of the study. The result showed that, the value for each index was HI48.8%, CI 46.1%, BI91, PI 612 and LFI 52%' Water container in the bathroom andjar were the common container found. The position of the water containers were mostly found inside the house and closed. This study purpose application of larvacide and community education on prevention as the recomendations.


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Aspirator: Jurnal Penelitian Penyakit Tular Vektor

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