Karakter Morfologis Dan Beberapa Keunggulan Mangga Podang Urang (Mangifera Indica L.)

Nfn Baswarsiati • Nfn Yuniarti
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • 2007 Indonesia • Japan • Singapore


Podang Urang mango is one of the local superior fruit from Kediri regency, East Java. This mango has atrractive appearance with red-orange skin colour, orange flesh, beautiful shape, medium size (about 200-250 g per fruit), sweet taste, strong smell, soft fibre and enough water content, so that it is appropriate for both fresh and processed fruit. Although most of the plants are hundred years old, they can produce about 60- 200 kg mango per tree. Podang variety has been developed in East Java, especially in Kediri regency with total plants as many as 524.126 trees in Kediri. They were planted on hilly land as conservation plants as well as homeyard plants. The mango have good market at national level, especially in the big cities and has been exported in a small quantity to Singapore. It’s appearance seems suitable to the demands of consumers from Korea, Japan, and Singapore, so that there will be a large opportunity for export. Based on those prospective chances, this mango variety should be produced in large scale to supply export market. Lack of promotion was one of the key factor that limit the market of this mango.


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