Hubungan Diet Dan Akne : Mitos, Fakta Atau Kontroversi ?

Irene Ferlanika • Linda Julianti Wijayadi • Meilani Kumala
Journal article Ebers Papyrus • 2012


The relation diet and acne : mitos, fact or controversyAcne Vulgaris (AV) is the most common dermatologic disease and has substantial effect on the quality of life. AV Import on 28-62 % of total population in the world. Acne vulgaris may manifest in a variety of form, consisting of noninflammatory lessions (comedones), superficial inflammatory lesions occur when Propionibacterium acnes colonizes the pilosebaceous unit triggering follicular rupture and neutrophyl cascade. the general population and acne patients, diet is regarded as a major cause in the pathogenesis of AV. Chocolate, sweet foot, and fatty food have been considered to play a aggravating role AV. based on studies prior to 2007 its conclude that AV is primarily attributable to genetic predisposition and hormonal influence. base on the recent study by walton et al. reported that sebum excretion is influenced by genetic factor. in the development of clinical disease, environment factor such as diet, may act as modifier of the gene expresions. A lot of study and literature have supported the asscociation between AV and specific dietary factor. Based on studies, low glycemic diet was shown significantly reduce lesions and lower acne severity. intake milk (whole, skin), high yodium contains food prolong durations and aggravate AV. No Effect was established betwen acne and chocolate Nuts an spices food not induced AV. Foods contains Zn, vitamin A, B3, D, E, can prevent and reduce AV


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