Karakterisasi Mutu Dan Nilai Gizi Nasi Mocaf Dari Beras Analog - (Characterization of Quality and Nutrition Value of Cooked Rice Mocaf From Rice Analog)

Enny Hawani Loebis • Lukman Junaidi • Irma Susanti
Journal article Biopropal Industri • 2017


Dependence on rice consumption needs to be reduced to overcome the problems of rice supply and health problems. Alternative proposed is producing mocaf-based rice analog. This research aims to study the quality characterization and nutritional value of mocaf-based rice analog. Rice mocaf was made based on mixture of mocaf, rice flour, water and palm oil using variable: 50, 60 and 70% mocaf. Mocaf rice then cooked by using rice cooker, steamer or microwave. The results showed mocaf rice 60% yield highest calorific value. The best cooking method was steaming that resulted nutrient content and calorific value consisting of 49.15% water; 2.05% fat; 2.09% protein; 46.45% carbohydrate; 35.8 mg/kg of iron; 403.4 mg/kg of potassium; 193.8 mg/kg of calcium, 2.0 mg/kg of vitamin B1 and 212.53 ca/100 g calorific value.


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