Sistem Pakar Berbasis Aturan Dalam Bimbingan Penasehat Akademik Menggunakan Metode Forward Chaining

Bayu Febriadi
Journal article Digital Zone • 2016


Academic adviser is a card charging process study plans for students who will take courses which will be taken for the next semester. Prior to the teaching and learning process (PBM) took place at the beginning of the semester, is a routine activity undertaken is the preparation course for students. The system design uses forward chaining inference, with the implementation of the system using MySQL database system and the PHP programming language. Forward Chaining is a method of inference enggine that match facts or statements starting from the left (first IF). In other words, reasoning from facts first started to test the truth of the hypothesis. This thesis build a rule-based expert system in preparation Card Study Plan (KRS) for students who will take courses in particular using forward chaining method. Aim to help students who do not know the card charging without direct study plan to meet his or her academic supervisor in making course.


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