Klasifikasi Gaya Belajar Visual-audiotory-kinesthetic (V-a-k) Mahasiswa Berbasis Jst Menggunakan Algoritma Perceptron

Van Fc, Lucky Lhaura
Journal article Digital Zone • 2016


Modalities or styles of learning in the learning process has dominance respectively. There is someone in the process of receiving information dominated by the eye and called a visual learning style and when the sense of hearing which dominates then the person is said to have an auditory learning style and if someone prefers physical involvement he has a kinesthetic learning style. If we want to identify the learning styles of students in a particular class in a manner that is valid, then it should be made known through a questionnaire to be completed by the student. Statement to be filled in the questionnaire leads to the characteristics of each learning style. From this questionnaire will be found the percentage of students who have learning styles of visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Then processed in a computerized neural network with perceptron method.


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