Efisiensi Sistem Informasi Berbasis Online Dalam Pengumpulan Rpkps Mata Kuliah Untuk Pengembangan Kompetensi Program Studi

Bayu Febriadi • Nurliana Nasution
Journal article Digital Zone • 2017


Computer-based information is very influential in the world of work, as well as web-based information systems are used as a means of information enhancement. Utilization will facilitate a job as well as data processing faster, the decision will be taken more precisely, saving time and cost. In addition, web-based information systems can also be an efficient means of promotion and information resources that can be accessed by Internet users who are increasingly widespread. In the Faculty of Computer Science, the absence of media as a means of gathering RPKPS while the application of the computer and internet and resources already exist, so difficult in adjusting diktat subjects given lecturers against the competence of the study program and for the development of the competence of the study program. The method used by collecting existing data and analyze problems in the collection and adjustment of RPKPS by adjusting to the current curriculum on the faculty of computer science. The general purpose of this study provides an efficiency or improvement in the processing of data dictate course by improving the competence of students towards the department, the specific purpose to create an online information-based system in the collection of RPKPS so well integrated and adapted to the current curriculum on the faculty of computer science, only By accessing the internet and Accessing website easily does not require a long time


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