Pencarian Informasi Skripsi Pada Pustaka Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Universitas Lancang Kuning

Indi Rahman
Journal article Digital Zone • 2016


In recent years, growth-up amount document collection which comprising electronic data information increasingly, requirement to find relevant information data digital progressively to be important. One of way popular to find the information is using boolean basic operator, that is AND, OR and NOT. Standard mechanism to support boolean basic query is using inverted index file. For the extract document and make the tables of term inverted index is grouping term value in hexa decimal, used by parsing step, remove stopword, stemming and weighting.Applying basic boolean for the seeking Skripsi in Computer Science in Lancang Kuning University, conducting seeking of query string which is input from user to term inverted data. Then give respon to user in the form of title, brief description and document address as according to wanted seeking logic, and also sort the relevant document pursuant to ranking from itself term.


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Digital Zone

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