Aplikasi Expert System Troubleshoot Printer Canon Berbasis Web (Studi Kasus: CV SUNTEC Komputer)

Beriman Panjaitan • Zamzami Zamzami • Fajrizal Fajrizal
Journal article Digital Zone • 2015


Users printers are generally not spared from damage or problems despite the damage it might happen suddenly without our knowledge, the role of technicians was needed. User or printer owners who do not know the causes of damage and how to check in while the printer is damaged. Very regrettable if that happens only minor damage should be repaired itself, while the waiting time is long enough and the improvement and substantial costs incurred when brought into service. This final project will be designed a software that can check the symptoms on the printer and finally found the possibility of damage to the printer solution. This expert applications using the programming language PHP and MySQL.


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