Keragaan Karakter Agronomi Padi Hibrida Baru

Nita Kartina • Yuni Widyastuti • Nfn Satoto
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • Desember 2014 Indonesia


Agronomic Characters of New Hybrid Rice. Nita Kartina, Yuni Widyastuti, and Satoto. Hybrid rice is the F1 generation derived from the crossing between cytolasmic genetic male sterile and restorer as two parental line. Development of hybrid rice technology obtained throught heterosis This research has the aim was to assess the agronomy characters of some new hybrid rice. Four hundred of Indonesia Center of Rice Research (ICRR) new hybrids rice selected based on yield and phenotipic performances. The activitity conducted in Sukamandi field West Java Province in wet season 2012. The research was arranged in an augmented design that divided in to seven blocks. Each block consist of 20 hybrid rice and five check such as Mapan P.05, Inpari 13, Dodokan, Ciherang, and Hipa 8. There are fourteen hybrids rice showed good agronomic characters and has higher heterosis standard than Ciherang and Hipa 8. Four hybrid rice combinations give the result that significantly different than Ciherang (5.59 t/ha) as check variety. Those hybrids are GMJ11/CRS777 (9.1 t/ha), GMJ12/CRS707 (7.6 t/ha), GMJ13/CRS703 (8.7 t/ha), and GMJ12/CRS795 (7.95 t/ha).


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Buletin Plasma Nutfah

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