Pengelompokan Kultivar Ketumbar Berdasar Sifat Morfologi

Endang Hadipoentyanti • Sri Wahyuni
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • Juni 2004 Egypt • Indonesia • Iraq • Japan • Thailand


Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) is an annual crop, limitedly cultivated in the high land areas. Based on the fruit shape the plant could be groped into three types: globularsmall, globular-big, and ovoid. There were 13 accession numbers of coriander collected from production area in Indonesia or other countries. They were varied in fruit shape and some of morphological characters. To analyze the relationship among the accession based on morphological character, the plant was planted at Manoko, Lembang (1200 m asl). Morphological characters were observed from 10 plant and based on the resulted data, analysis of genetic resemblance were carried out using average taxonomic distance of dissimilarity with NTSYSpc-2.1. Results showed that the accession of coriander can be classified into four groups. The first group only consist of introduced cultivar from Japan, the second group consist of coriander collected from Sungaitarap, Padanglawas, Sumbar, Sungayang, Madiun, Irak, Thailand, and Mesir, where each introduced cultivar made an exclusive sub group. The third group are cultivar collected from Jember and Cipanas, while the fourth groups are cultivar collected from Kadipekso and Temanggung. Collected cultivars from nearby areas tended to belong to the same group.


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Buletin Plasma Nutfah

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