Kajian Stilistika Novel Assalamualaikum Beijing Karya Asma Nadia Dan Relevansinya Sebagai Materi Ajar Bahasa Indonesia Di Kelas XII SMA

Marfuah Unsayaini • Nugraheni Eko Wardhani • Purwadi Purwadi


: The aims of this research are to describe the characteristic diction, sentence style, discourse style, figurative language, imagery of Assalamualaikum Beijing by Asma Nadia, and the relevance of the results of studies as Bahasa Indonesia teaching material in the 12th grade of the Senior High School. This study is a qualitative descriptive with content analysis method. The results showed that Assalamualaikum Beijing dominated by loan word, hyperbole, personification, and visual imagery. The style of discourse consists of code mixing and code switching that involved Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Arabic is used by Asma Nadia to impress the communicative effect among the characters dialogue so that the story in the novel looks more natural and alive. The Assalamualaikum Beijing by Asma Nadia generally can be used as teaching material in Bahasa Indonesia subject in the 12th grade of senior high school, but the teachers have to consider about the students background and by guidance of the teacher to avoid misinterpretation of the story content.


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